Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Things That Annoy Me: Part One~

So less than half but more than one of my blogs will be my view on different topics - whatever happens to strike my fancy at the time. For my opening shot into hot topics, I care reform.

Now before you get all worked up, let me toss in this disclaimer. I am not looking for political debate here and I won't respond to taunts (ok...i may respond to taunts, but probably not with factual debate material...more likely I will call you grade school names like 'weenie') If you would like to have a real debate then give me a time and place and I will prepare and study (like the nerd I am) and then proceed to kick your ass with my witty repertoire. (This is a lie - I won't debate you.) But there will be no real investigating before I blog - so this is purely my opinion based on what I already know. Handle it like a big kid.

I have three pet peeves with the health care debate - they are as follows:

1. Whiny Republicans that are leaking fake tears about their bruised shins and boo-boos that they suffered when the mean ole Democrats bullied them and stole their lunch money. Give me a break. All of the outrage over the Democrats tactics makes me roll my eyes. Like any member of Congress wouldn't use any tool in their arsenal if they needed to - Republican OR Democrat. Complaining about dirty warfare in Washington is like complaining that the other kid in your water fight was smart enough to bring water balloons and you only thought to bring a puny water pistol. Sometimes you are outgunned. Go home, change your wet clothes, and play a different game tomorrow. Maybe you will be better at that one.

2. People that think that they know everything about how health care should be reformed. Really? You think that you know the butterfly effect of every dollar spent in health care? That you are an expert on family practices, emergency services, specialist and referrals, insurance, Medicaid, family incomes, and all other areas of treatment, billing, and research? And that you alone understand the balance of how they all work together? Having a college degree or a moderate amount of real world experience doesn't make you qualified to dissect the huge collaboration of legal, health, and social issues that are all present in this type of effort. Just because you have a solution or a greater understanding of one concept does not mean you understand the consequences of the overall big picture. Which is ok. As long as you are not touting yourself as the Health Care Guru/King/Genius/Savior.

3. People that believe that this giant piece of legislation with all its pieces is going to be perfect from day one; from the main body of the law to all the little tag-ons. It is impossible for anyone to draft a bill that is going to be fair for everyone or make all of us happy. It is also pretty much a certainty that things will need to be tweaked and compromises made just to get enough support behind the movement so that some kind of positive change can be made at all. I am not saying you can't protest certain parts or criticize things you don't like, but be a realist. Our legislative process is way past the point where the sheriff tacks up a 'don't pee on the sidewalk' sign on the wall of the local saloon and then just shoots offenders. Catch up.

Ahhh...was that as good for you as it was for me? Probably not. Because you just got to read my rant while I actually got to rant. Again, if you want to debate then just go up top and reread paragraph two. This is not a gauntlet being thrown for every Republican or protester. It is just this woman's view....

Season Two Intro~

Commence Season Two! If you are a loyal follower...thanks and welcome back. Hopefully this second blog installment will be equally amusing, touching, random, and interesting. If you are a new convert.....welcome to the insanity that is my thought process. If you'd like to catch up then check out my links for the first season of my blogging - Divorce Isn't For Sissies.

As a recap - here is the character list from Season One:

Stephanie - Our heroine - the witty and

Chet - My sexy boyfriend - who let me blog all about our new romance in Season One. And who let me call him Chet even though it makes me think he is a farmer. (He is not an actual farmer - unless you count all the love he grows in my heart....awwwwww...[That was just for you Cindy - did we decide on an alias for you yet?])

Lola - One of my sisters - the one who actually knows where all the bodies are buried. Lola was also a guest blogger last season and may make a Season Two appearance.

Jen Aniston - the actual Jen Aniston - who was unknowingly my BFF during my divorce. As it is in life, we are no longer as close in my imagination as we once were,
but I wish her well.

Jenn - My real BFF, who actually needs a good alias before I can write her into Season Two. She is the un-divorced version of me that I didn't realize walked the earth until about a year ago. She also just got a super sexy hair makeover.

Sasha - A (sometimes) mature, good friend that indulges in my wine habit with me and assisted me in creating one of my most shameful Jack-induced memories.

Julia - A younger friend of mine that reminds me of myself pre-Brad that is still Prince hunting. All of us need to be on the lookout for a worthy prince for her. I have a Cracker Jack box prize for anyone with a worthy candidate.

Brad - My ex-husband, who's storyline has pretty much been terminated but was around for so long that he may be mentioned from time to time as background.

Mr. John Black - An ex-boyfriend after my split from Brad that was not a great fit for my life, but had an instrumental role in helping me get my groove back.

Delilah - My God-given overworked and beloved guardian angel. Yes, an actual angel.

Season Two's actual premiere will be sometime next week, as our heroine is about to embark on an adventure to Sin City with two new cast members...Fiona and Wallace. I am sure that we will create all new blog-worthy tales of mischief....the stories of which will soon follow....VIVA LAS VEGAS!