Season One


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Our heroine begins her story in October of last year.  (She discovers she occasionally likes writing about herself in third person and giving herself hero-type powers.)  Her story starts as a mildly amusing experiment between friends and EXPLODES into a BLOGGERS RATINGS JUGGERNAUNT!!!! I only had twelve followers on blogspot.  (Maybe my super power is hyperbole?)  But....I did link up to Facebook in December and have a fairly solid following of more than twelve and less than one hundred fans.  Enough to make me feel like I am at least somewhat entertaining and not completely wasting my time.  I began just sharing my post divorce adventures - in dating, in discovering how to check my oil, in learning to hold my whiskey, and in when to say 'no way'.   What followed over the course of almost seven months was amazing - at least for me.  Cue the monthly highlight reel.....

  • We begin in October, with online dating mishaps and mockery.  The readers discover that I have a slightly strange fantasy life in which I am best friends with Jennifer Aniston. 
  • The month of November is spent filling in background characters, illustrating how clueless I was at any man-oriented task, and proving that I shouldn't have been allowed inside bars without a crash course.
  • December was a quiet blog month.  I have zero highlights to report.
  • January was a huge blog month, mostly to make up for December I guess.  I began dating Chet.  Which for me was a big deal, since I was pretty entrenched in my single life.  But it was good, we were happy, and I wanted to be in love.  I wrote about it....a lot.  We met my sister Lola, who was a wonderful guest blogger.  And I received complaints from the fans that my blog was getting too....nice.  All the scandal was gone.  Soooo...
  • During the month of February, I blogged about my issues with Jack Daniels and the story of how I kissed an old lecher.  My fans were mollified.  I also continued along with my relationship with Chet and spent an inordinate amount of time trying to self-diagnose my own psyche to discover if I was really going to be able to let go of all my divorce baggage.
  • March and April were very quiet months - until the end.  I was very busy with work, school, my family, and Chet.  I felt completely over-scheduled and overwhelmed - which meant very little time spent blogging.  In April, Chet and I ran away to Vegas to be witnesses when Fiona and Wallace got married.  Right before we left, I closed down the blog.
I closed down the blog because it felt like the right thing to do at the right time.  The name of the blog was Divorce Isn't For Sissies - and I didn't the word 'divorce' following me around forever on my blog.  Thus Season Two, This Woman's View, was born.  I hope you enjoy this new season at least as much, if not more, than the first~