I can't sleep while wearing socks.

If I have a small pocket of alone time, then I am either reading, blogging, or daydreaming.

The only thing I miss about having a big paycheck is guilt-free wardrobe building.

I go through junk food phases where I am addicted to one thing for a few weeks and then rarely ever eat it again. One day when I am in my seventies and run out of junk food to try this will be good for me.

I have a love/hate relationship with my elliptical machine. It is parked in my living room and mocks me when I go a few days without using it. For the amount of money I paid for it, I should be gorgeous and toned - but some days I settle for pretty and curvy and just sit on the couch and tease it by eating ice cream.

I could live in dresses all summer long.

I have an aversion to bright lights. I would almost always rather have natural light and then use candles when it gets dark. Thus I spend a significant amount of cash on candles.

My life is absolutely nothing like how I had imagined it would be. Half of the time this makes me sad and half of the time it is a pleasant surprise. (In an update, this is now only 10% sad and 90% pleasant surprise)

I have a serious weakness for intelligent men with sexy shoulders that sometimes causes me to make bad decisions.

My favorite book is Gone With the Wind - I have probably read it twenty times.

I love to cook for an appreciative audience, but am a picky eater.

When I am stressed out, I rearrange anything. Furniture, my desk, closets, kitchen cupboards...nothing in my house is safe.

I sing in the shower, in the car, and sometimes I let people listen.

I love my blog. Probably because it is completely in my control. Or maybe because I like to talk a lot. Undetermined.