Stephanie - our heroine, the lovely me

My Family

Lola - One of my sisters that helps me hide the bodies
   The Cowboy - Lola's new husband

Wallace - My youngest brother that just got married in Vegas
   Fiona - Wallace's lovely new wife

Leah - One of my sisters and my occasional roommate
   Hercules - Leah's soon to be hubby

Stan - my middle brother, the last one in our family to know when it rains

Lucy - my teenage sister, the baby of our circus

Olive - my sister-in-law and partner in crime most days

Popeye - the oldest of my brothers, he is married to Olive

PeeWee - my first nephew, child of Olive and Popeye

My Friends
Jen Aniston - My celebrity BFF and divorce buddy

Jen - My non-fictional BFF

Sasha - A wine drinking friend

Julia - A younger friend of mine that reminds me of myself in a lot of ways

Stella - one of my current wing lady friends

Charlotte - one of my best friends

Hot Mama - Lola's best friend and honorary sister

MacGruber and MacKenzie - sisters that are friends of mine and Lola's

Man Candy

Jack - my super hunky, funny, clever, sexy boyfriend

Brad - my ex-husband that continues to lurk around the edges of my life from time to time

John Black - My first serious relationship post divorce

Chet - My most recent ex - our relationship is all over Season One blogs

Jason - Blind date from hell