This blog began as something just between myself and a few friends that like to read the randomness that is my thought pattern.  It has since expanded a bit - partly because a lot of people can relate to my post-divorce stories and partly because I badgered people into reading me until it was just easier for them to give in than to see reoccurring posts on their walls about my literary aspirations.

This blog is actually Season Two.  My blogging began with Divorce Isn't For Sissies last year.  Around April I decided to kill off myself in that blog and reinvent myself with a second season here at This Woman's View.  My first season was slightly limited to my dating life and divorce fall out and, although it was funny, it was not the best representation of my life.  Divorce doesn't define me.  I loved using that format to vent out all my unresolved angst, but didn't want my blogging future to continue to be based solely on how life is related to divorce.  This is not to say that I won't share post-divorce moments from time to time, but I wanted to broaden the scope of my sharing so that readers understand that I actually have a life outside of my divorce issues.  Should you wish to check out Season One, it is available still here : 


If you could care less about season one and just want to know how cool I am now, then check out the cast page to meet all my characters that have carried over so you aren't clueless when I use their fun aliases.  Or just skip it all if you aren't interested in anything at all - but then why are you reading this?