Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas~

We are forty nine minutes into Christmas as I write this. To help alleviate my mounting tally of sins, I sing in the choir at church. Also because I love it. And midnight Mass on Christmas Eve is my very favorite Mass of the entire year, although technically it is now eleven o'clock Mass instead of midnight. We always end with Joy To The World and after we are done I am always, always super keyed up and hyper. It is just such an uplifting experience - one of my favorite Christmas moments.

Anyway...the point of my rambling is that I just got out of Mass and am wound up and decided to gift you with a blog! So...Merry Christmas! I am writing at my Busia's house right now, where I am all alone waiting for my other female relatives to get out of an actual midnight Mass. We have a relatively new tradition of Christmas breakfast at sometime around one in the morning because apparently being hyped up after late Mass is a genetic marker passed on down my mom's side. I am the first one here - which entitles me to first shot at the meatballs and rolls AND I got to pop the top of the bubbly to make the first mimosa. Life is sweet.

In all is super sweet right now. I am in love with the most amazing man and it just makes everything about this holiday seem effortless and fun and hopeful and a ton of other fantastic words. I am celebrating with all my family, my friends, and my 'kids' and their families. When I started this year out my big goal was to be patient, to let God put me where I needed to be in the time that He wanted. I prayed on the Bible passage from Jeremiah where it says that God has a plan for me - even though sometimes (many times) I was still impatient and eager to move things along. And I feel as if I have been rewarded; like God has seen me struggle with it and noticed my growth and given me this great present. Being patient this year, especially in this relationship with Jack, has made so many things more meaningful for me. Things carry a certain weight when you know they have been considered and thought over - I have more faith in these things because of that. So I am ending this year in the best possible place, with the best possible people. Best. Gift. Ever.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pretty Feet On The Horizon~

I love to win. I mean I really, really, really love to win. Anything. Everything. The hardest part of my day is fighting the urge to beat the kids in Candyland every day. Ok...maybe I am not that bad, but it is a close call.

Anyway- I won round one of the weight loss challenge with my sisters. (Feel free to applaud here) I lost seven pounds and earned myself a free pedicure, courtesy of Lola and Leah...aka 'The Losers'. I am going to bask in my glory through Christmas and then it is back on....they should prepare for a January defeat as well~
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Addition~

Quick update to my cast of characters! My brother and his wife very kindly gave me a brand spanking new nephew last night! If you are an alias junkie, then this would be son to Popeye and Olive, brother to Peewee. He has a very studly new baby name, but we need to give him an appropriate blog name. In a nod to my mom, we will call him Olaf. (Just for the record, my mom's name is not Olaf..she is just pushing that name for any future male offspring- which is never going to happen in reality so I will give it to her here)

Olaf was a little over eight pounds, nineteen inches. He looks like his brother and very nicely opened his eyes last night and looked at us all. Olive was a trooper and handled herself like a pro. I am sure that should I one day be pregnant, I will never handle myself as well as she does. I will be the whiniest, neediest pregnant woman ever. So congrats to my super tough sis-in-law, my baby brother, and their cute little family!
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Test blog~

Ok- this blog is about to go high tech! Well....if this test blog actually shows up then it may go high tech. Basically that just means I can force all my daily drivel down your throats because in playing with my new Droid phone I discovered this handy dandy blogger app. Lucky you.

This will in no way replace normal, full blogs...but maybe this will make me a more consistant blogger. Maybe. I still wouldn't expect too much out of me until after the holidays, but you never know!

Ok...time to press post and see if this actually goes where it is supposed to! If you are reading this then I am a techie genius. If not, then at least no one will see that I am a techie failure....
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lucy's Guest Blog~

Quick update on Lucy's blog - it will show up eventually...I think. In typical Lucy (and teenagers all over the world) fashion - it is lost. Yup. She wrote it, showed it to me, it was awesome....and then she threw it somewhere in the black hole that is her bedroom and it has yet to reappear. So you are forced to wait until her room spits it back out or she rewrites it - whichever comes first.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And Jack Continues~

I haven’t blogged overly much about Jack – partly because I wanted to savor it all to myself, but mostly because I didn’t want to jinx myself or get your (my) hopes up over something that would probably eventually burn itself out. To be honest, that is what I thought would happen in the beginning. I thought it likely that Jack was just fascinated with the girl next door now that she is all grown up and has breasts and knows how to use them – and that fascination would fade over time once he realized that I am really that exact same girl next door with a bit of polish and life experience shining me up all pretty at first glance.

Instead…three months later…I find myself fascinated – with him, and with us, and with how smooth this is going. It is something that is so completely unexpected that at odd moments it still catches me by surprise. Jack? Really? I am dating….Jack? The same Jack that I had a crazy school girl crush on through the majority of my teenage years is now cuddled up on the couch rubbing my back? Where did this come from? It is slightly surreal….but very nice.

The very coolest thing about dating Jack (besides the fact that he is hot) is that I feel like everything is easy when we are together. Life is simple….no drama, no crazy, no worry. We grew up in very similar ways and sometimes when I walk into his house I feel like I have re-entered my childhood – except of course that we get to be the adults. But I immediately recognize that this is a world I am familiar with – I am comfortable and know where I fit and I have nothing to worry or stress over. Because I know his background, I already know he is someone that I am safe with – and safe is a very sexy word to a jaded divorcee. It's like I get all the exciting, butterfly-inducing feelings of falling in love with someone new combined with all the additional solid, comfortable feelings of knowing someone forever. Nice.

So life with Jack is good, very good. And although I am sure he is still fascinated that I have breasts, I am no longer worried that fascination is going to fade anytime soon or that his fascination is solely focused there. There is depth here and hopefully I will have many more Jack stories to share down the road.
Coming Next…..the youngest member of my clan, Lucy, takes on a guest blog…tune in soon for words of wisdom from the teenage version of me!