Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Arrival of Larry~

So I did not really name my beautiful baby boy...Larry. However, in keeping with the blog theme, my child's alias will continue to be Larry. This is a nod to Jack, who was pretty much humoring me in February when I thought I was pregnant by patting my belly and calling it things like 'pizza baby' or 'cookie baby' or 'Larry'. I thought of all these options, Larry was the best alias, although I did think for a minute or two how hilarious it would be to call him Cookie Baby forever in my blog. Saner thoughts prevailed however...thus Larry.

And here.

He came almost a week early, which his mother is grateful for, and took almost thirteen hours from hospital check-in to birth. He is apparently extremely curious, as he spent his first two hours with eyes wide open, checking everybody out. He came out screaming, probably mad at Mama for all the curse words I had been using in the previous two hours. (Sorry, couldn't be helped.) At six pounds eleven ounces, he is like a mini version of his big brother and his daddy - and it is ridiculous how much I love seeing Jack's face in this teeny, tiny son we made. He is literally the most perfect thing I have ever done in my life, and I could not be any prouder of him. I am going to spend every moment of my maternity leave staring at him and updating you all on every new facial expression - because naturally, the world must stop because my baby smiled. Prepare yourselves.

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